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The Kentucky Wheelchair Athletics Association (KWAA) is an independent, not-for-profit organization supporting sports and recreation opportunities for individuals with disabilities. The Kentucky Wheelchair Athletics Association offers an array of competitive and non-competitive athletic and recreational activities to meet the diverse interests and activities of its members.

Three of the main objectives of the KWAA are to:
  • Support and encourage family participation.
  • Seek out and encourage community involvement and support.
  • Seek out opportunities to include integrated disabled and able-bodied "team' participation in their events.
The KWAA is supported by fundraising activities and community involvement. It has the support and endorsement of the leading rehabilitation and health care organizations in the state.

The mission of the KWAA is to promote individual and team participation of people with disabilities in a wide variety of athletic and recreational activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, wheelchair basketball, fencing, rowing, tennis, rugby, track and field and racing. KWAA seeks to promote awareness, education, resources and athletics for individuals with physical disabilities throughout the state of Kentucky.