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Activities Offered
  • Horseback Riding
Adaptive Equipment
  • Adaptive equipment available

Membership Fees
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  • Accessible by Public Transportation: No

  • Transportation Provided by the Program: No


RideAble is an equestrian program for people with disabilities. Based in Eugene, Oregon, RideAble is a non-profit corporation, EIN 93-1172229, providing sports riding opportunities for people with disabilities since 1995.

The RideAble program offers an opportunity for students to meet and adjust to a horse in a safe and supportive environment, followed by instruction in riding and horsemanship. While some of our students come primarily for the healing benefits of horseback riding, others are seriously expanding their riding skills with specific goals in mind. Riding lessons are taught in an indoor arena and are supplemented by trail rides through pastures and forests.

Students in the RideAble program span a range of abilities and ages. Though some of our riders have autism, head injury, orthopedic disabilities, stroke, mental disabilities, cerebral palsy or hearing impairment, they all share an enthusiasm for horses and riding that is fostered by our instructors and volunteers.

RideAble offers private individual lessons and small group classes of up to four. Lessons are planned to meet each rider's individual needs and groups are selected to include riders with similar skills and stamina. As their lessons progress, students become more knowledgeable about horse care, management of the horse and specific riding skills. These skills increase independence and self-esteem and enhance the enjoyment of the intrinsically therapeutic relationship between horse and rider. Each member of the instructional staff at RideAble is certified by the Certified Horsemanship Association (CHA). See our class schedules for more information. The heart of RideAble is the volunteer program, a core group of people who organize, raise funds, assist instructors, groom, exercise and train therapy horses.

RideAble Classes

RideAble is located at Raging Winds Farm southwest of Eugene. Classes for children, teens and adults are held in an indoor arena led by one of our CHA certified instructors. Classes last an hour and can include grooming and tacking the horse, mounting and dismounting practice, and getting to know and feel comfortable with the horse. Good horsemanship includes more than the act of riding the horse. Safe riding practices are continually stressed and the well-being of the rider is paramount. Classes are designed to fit the individual rider and will be adjusted for any level of experience. Classes for pre-schoolers age 3-5 last a half hour.

Some of our students want to be able to ride with an able-bodied friend or family member who doesn't yet know how to ride. RideAble accepts entry level, able-bodied students when space is available. Our primary mission remains to serve people with disabilities and their families.