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Program Details


Activities Offered
  • Archery
  • Camp
  • Canoeing
  • Dance
  • Horseback Riding
  • Various Recreational Activities
Building Access
  • Meets ADA standards
  • Accessible areas of building: Locker Rooms, Front Desk/ Reception Area, Shower Facilities, Swimming Pool, Parking Area, Ramps

Staff Training and Certification
  • Staff Training: Physical Therapy or PT Assistant, Occupational Therapy or OT Assistant, Registered Nurse

Participants Served
  • Age range of participants: 5 to 45

Membership Fees
  • Fee to participate in the Program : Sliding/ Adjusted Fee scales or discounts are available.

  • Accessible by Public Transportation: No

  • Transportation Provided by the Program: No


Camp CAMP provides overnight camping experiences to children with special needs who are not eligible for other camps due to the severity of the child's condition and their siblings. Children with tracheostomies, ventilator support, gastrostomies, central catheters, peritoneal dialysis, overnight drip infusions, etc. can be served. Many campers have no verbal or communication or self-help skills. Others require multiple medications around the clock. Some children have milder problems but slip through the cracks and for some reason are unable to attend other camps.

Depending on the needs of the child, a staff:camper ratio of up to 2:1 is maintained.

Campers and counselors go to flag pole where they sing songs, hear announcements and visit with their friends. Campers and counselors attend 4 activities a day which include: swimming, canoeing, horseback riding, archery, arts and crafts, and nature activities. Each evening after dinner campers and their counselors attend night activities which include a carnival, night swim, karaoke, dance, bar-b-que, and other fun activities. Each activity is supervised by trained instructors and is modified so that each child can do every activity. This can include counselor assisting their campers do their arts & crafts projects hand-over-hand or even riding behind the camper on a horse.

Campers are split into groups called tribes based on their age & gender. Each tribe has a Chief Cabin Counselor (CCC) who is an experienced adult counselor and 2 assistants to the CCC (A1 &A2) who provide leadership. In addition, a tribe may consist of 10-18 additional counselors.

These age categories are estimates and depend on the number and age of child enrolled in any given session:

  • Cherokee: 5-7 years old
  • Apache: 8-11 years old
  • Mohawk: 12-14 years old
  • Pawnee: 12-21(+) years old
  • Sioux: 5-13 years old (for siblings of children with disabilities)


Children's Association for Maximum Potential (CAMP) is a non-profit corporation established in 1979 to provide a wide range of recreational, rehabilitative, educational, and respite services for children with developmental disabilities and their families. Central to each of CAMP's programs is the provision of medical support. This ensures that every child, regardless of the degree of his or her medical needs, will be able to participate in all programs. CAMP was founded with the express purpose of filling major gaps in services for children with developmental disabilities. This is also done indirectly by training potential care-providers at all levels - teens through professionals - in order to support families in the care of their children.