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Program Details


Activities Offered
  • Aerobics
  • Various Recreational Activities
  • Accessible by Public Transportation: No

  • Transportation Provided by the Program: No


About the Parks and Recreation Department

Consistent with its mission, the department strives to enhance the city's natural beauty, establish, maintain and protect parks and natural spaces where citizens can pursue leisure activities; coordinate recreational, educational, and athletic activities that promote positive community values.

Since 1992, with the opening of Taylor Park Gymnasium and Recreation Complex, a total of four modern and well equipped Community Centers have opened to meet the needs of a growing community. Goals

  • Stewardship - to preserve and enhance our parks legacy and promote knowledge and public appreciation of esthetics to the continued positive development of our community.
    • Service - To continually improve the availability and effectiveness of recreational, athletic, educational and park services that benefit the entire community.
      • Planning - To generate an atmosphere of openness to promote dialogue and communication between the department and the citizens we serve; to develop a quality strategic plan for the future growth in programs, services and facilities.
        • Employee - To create a safe, productive and rewarding workplace which emphasizes teamwork, communication and recognizes innovation and achievement.


          Provides leadership and administration dedicated to providing quality parks and recreational services and facilites for the citizens of Mobile. Initiates departmental mission and goals, develops long and short term strategic plans based on continual needs analysis, citizens input and executive direction. Athletic Programming

          Athletic Programming provides coordination for a comprehensive athletic program and facilites utilized by youth and adult participants for safe leisure athletics and physical fitness programs. Operations Services

          Provides coordination for intradepartmental services, managment of service contracts, accountability for funds collected and coordination of sexton services to assure quality services within the City structure and to the citizens. Maintenance Services

          Provides coordination of a program for regular scheduled inspections and maintenance of park facilities, playground equipment, scheduled grounds keeping, mowing activities and esthetic plantings to assure the safety and enjoyment of citizens using any of the City's parks. Recreation Programming

          Recreation Programming provides overall coordination for the programming and utilization of all traditional recreation facilites for youth and adult participants. Provides community activities with a comprehensive slate of cultural and educational programs targeted toward community and coordinated to utilize school and city facilities, equipment and staff. Provides special activities offering innovative recreational, cultural and educational programs and events targeted toward the "special needs" citizen.