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Activities Offered
  • Sailing
Membership Fees
  • Fee to participate in the Program :

  • Accessible by Public Transportation: No

  • Transportation Provided by the Program: No


Supervised Exercise Therapy (SET) Supervised Exercise Therapy (SET) is a self-monitored, medically supervised exercise program. The purpose is to provide an individualized, supervised exercise program of proper intensity, duration and progression to improve health. You may want to take this class if:

  • You have had valve surgery or angioplasty
  • You have a pacemaker
  • You have peripheral artery disease
  • You have heart failure
  • You have diabetes
  • You have osteoporosis
  • You have had a stroke
  • You suffer from depression
  • You want to manage your weight
  • You have other chronic medical conditions
Key information:
  • The program meets two times per week for one hour each session. The program is held on 9 Tower in Meriter Hospital. Physician consent is required before scheduling a one-hour initial assessment with an exercise physiologist.
  • If you are a member of Meriter Preferred, you will receive a discount.
  • If you have insurance through Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation, you may be eligible for fee reimbursement.