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  • The Karate CAN-DO Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping children and adults with learning differences and physical challenges reach their full potential through the teachings and techniques of karate, a martial arts discipline which improves physical, cognitive and emotional health.

    Mission and Goals:

    • Support, encourage and to share our expertise with others to promote the addition of karate to therapeutic programs for children and adults with special needs.
    • To offer scholarships to special needs students requiring financial assistance to support their karate training.
    • To support the recruitment and training of a US National Disabled Karate Team that will compete in the 2012 World Karate Federation Championships, and beyond, bi-yearly.
    • To cover tournament costs for special needs national team competitions, as deemed appropriate for US Team participation and awareness.
    • To establish and operate programs to teach instructors and other young black belts methods for training special needs students.
    • To assist with the purchase of specialized training equipment for special needs students.
    • To facilitate or promote medical research regarding the advancement of medical treatments and adaptive equipment for children with special needs.