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  • Healthy People Atlanta's goal is to promote health and well-being in Atlanta's Metropolitan communities. We wish to certify and work with health facilities that meet our standard of excellence. Our aim is to provide a venue for access to products and services that enhance and positively impact mental and physical health of the community. The facilities we look for promote a healthy lifestyle which includes; healthy eating and health food, physical activity, weight loss, and stress reduction. We will accomplish this goal by conducting health fairs in locations all around Atlanta. Theses cities include Duluth, Lawrenceville, Roswell, Alphabet, Conyers, and Atlanta (Gwinnett, Fulton, Cobb, and Dekalb). We will meet and motivate the citizens of Atlanta to make a change in their lifestyle. We will be expanding throughout the Atlanta, Ga area and suburbs. We will then spread over the southeast. Ga. is our first health project location.

    The leading indicators are improving on physical activity, proper diet, stress reduction, mental health. This will be done by directing the community to different gyms, stores, clinics, and products. We want to improve health in women, men, and children of all ages.

    We are starting in Atlanta (more specifically lawrenceville and duluth). We will expand into Roswell and Alphabet in January 2006, then move on to Atlanta Georgia. We will target the city of Atlanta itself in the summer of 2006. The final stop will be Conyers, Georgia. During each period we will hold health pushes (fairs) in targeted areas in each city (Lawrenceville, Duluth, Roswell, Alphabet, Conyers, and Atlanta) during which we will hand out t-shirts and send people to health facilities. So if you see us don't be shy! Get some health information and get educated.

    We have plenty of health clubs and wellness studios to choose from. We will be in your area during our health fairs so you can find a club near you. Our sponsors can find the right weight loss or fitness program for you. A diet should be a life choice not a week or month choice. If your not motivated to workout in a gym, club, or studio then try an alternative exercising form. Try Yoga, Martial Arts, Massage, or Dance. Just get active, have fun, workout, eat healthy food, get fit, and get healthy Atlanta!