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  • Colorado Discover Ability (CDA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote increased independence and self-worth through outdoor recreation for individuals with disabilities, as well as for their families and friends. For more than 20 years, CDA programs have been serving the disabled in the Grand Valley. Much has changed in adaptive outdoor recreation over those two decades. Every year the number of people who challenge their own abilities continues to grow, and our programs grow right along with them.

    What has not changed is our founding belief in the ability of outdoor adventure to transform lives. Our programs are designed to encourage each client to participate as independently as possible, regardless of his or her disability. CDA programs have produced incredible results. For the individual, the health benefits from exercise and outdoors recreation are self-evident. More important, the mental and emotional changes our clients experience include greater self-confidence, higher self-esteem and a greater level of independence that often carries over into their daily lives.

    The unique integration of disabled and able-bodied participants fosters acceptance and strengthens relationships. False perceptions about disabilities are dashed, and minds are broadened. Ultimately, participants leave CDA programs with a heightened awareness that everyone is capable of living life to the fullest, regardless of physical or mental challenges. Some clients and their loved ones take their newfound skills and confidence and make outdoor recreation a part of their lifestyle.


CDA offers year-round recreational programs. During the winter, CDA operates the adaptive skiing/snowboard/snow-shoeing program at Powderhorn Ski Resort, located just 35 miles east of Grand Junction, Colorado. Utilizing an array of specialized, adaptive equipment and individualized instruction, all the sports are individually tailored to each client's disability, thereby enabling all clients to experience their chosen sports to the fullest. During the summer, CDA's focus shifts to providing water-based recreation, such as river rafting, sea-kayaking, water-skiing and related camping activities. Summertime also brings Day Camps for children and Teen Trips for teens.

CDA programs take place mainly in the Grand Valley, on the beautiful Western Slope of Colorado, in southwest Colorado and in eastern Utah. Other offerings include specialized trips beyond Colorado. CDA will also custom design a program for a group's specific needs. You can check for updated program schedules on our website.