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  • The Brain Injury Association of Minnesota is an organization of individuals with brain injury, their family members, friends and professionals, who want to use their experience to help others cope with the changes and challenges of brain injury.


The following programs are offered by the Brain Injury Association of Minnesota:

  • Resource Facilitation (formerly the TBI Discharge Program) - This free service is dedicated to helping people navigate life after brain injury. Resource Facilitation provides on-going support after hospital discharge. Participants in the program receive scheduled calls at regular intervals to help problem-solve issues and identify resources needed to succeed after brain injury. This consumer-driven program allows individuals to determine the level of support needed. Interpretation services are available for non-English speakers. Click here for more information.

  • Information and Resources (I & R)/Individual Assistance - Persons with brain injury, family members and professionals call the Brain Injury Association for information about aspects of brain injury, for referral to professionals and services, or because they are in a crisis and do not know where else to turn. Emotional support as well as information is provided over the telephone. The Association also provides time-intensive individual assistance and advocacy to persons with brain injury and their families. Each individual, each injury and each set of circumstances is unique. Individuals may seek help soon after the injury or years later, when new problems develop?their problems may be relatively easy to resolve or very complex.

  • Case Management - The Case Management program assists consumers on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Waivers and Community Alternative for Disabled Individuals (CADI) Waivers, as well as provides Relocation Service Coordination within contracted counties. The Association can provide flexible case management services for consumers utilizing Consumer Directed Community Supports (CDCS).

  • Multicultural Outreach Program - The Multicultural Outreach Program has grown out of the Brain Injury Association of Minnesota?s highly successful Latino Outreach Program. The focus of the Multicultural Outreach Program is to broaden awareness of brain injury in racially/ethnically diverse communities. This is achieved by working closely with existing cultural service organizations to provide education and support to professionals, spiritual leaders and community members about brain injury. The Association has the capacity to support both consumers and community organizations through this program.

  • Public Awareness - Several public awareness activities are held statewide throughout the year to promote brain injury prevention, including the annual Walk for Thought, and a bike/skateboard safety fest at the Mall of America. Several public awareness publications are available to help persons with brain injury and families become aware of available services and to reach professionals with information about brain injury. These publications include informational brochures, the quarterly Brain Injury Association newsletter, a bi-weekly electronic newsletter and the Association website.

  • Educational Programs - The Association offers a vast array of consumer education and professional development programming. Some of these opportunities include: the annual two day educational conference, the Discharge Planning Conference, monthly meetings of the Brain Injury Community Committee, Family Retreat, and quarterly workshops geared to person with brain injuries and families.

  • Public Policy Advocacy - The Association concentrates on grassroots advocacy to influence, educate and improve Public Policy that affects people with brain injury and their loved ones.