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  • Challenge Center’s mission is to rehabilitate, realize the level of independence, and improve the health and quality of life for children, adults, and seniors by providing affordable skilled physical therapy, specialized fitness and wellness programs for people who live with severe physical disabilities for whom insurance coverage has ended.
    • Physical Therapy: State-of-the-art skilled Physical Therapy: Utilizing the latest Neuro Developmental Techniques to promote and enhance normal movement to achieve the highest possible level of function for each individual client.

    • Computerized Functional Electrical Stimulation (CFES): Computer-generated electrical stimulation used in conjunction with a stationary cycle.

    • Adapted, Assisted Fitness: Provides specialized fitness training through the use of specialized, adapted equipment and training techniques, with the focus of building and maintaining the highest level of health and independence achievable by each individual despite their disability.

    • Adapted, Independent Fitness: Fitness assessments, personal training, circuit training and gym memberships available for caregivers, family members, and able-bodied individuals.

    • Chair Aerobics: A fun and interactive, seated group exercise class that leads clients in a series of low impact exercises, movements and stretches to the beat of the music.

    • Aquatic Therapy: Low impact aerobic and strengthening activities in a heated therapy pool.


Challenge Center’s therapists’ enthusiastic and passionate dedication to providing the highest quality therapeutic services has led Challenge Center to be named one of fifteen "Best of the Best" nonprofit rehabilitation facilities in the nation by the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.