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  • The Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association's mission is to promote the use and awareness of horticulture as a therapeutic modality. CHTA provides information, support, and resources to its members, publishes a bi-monthly newsletter, maintains a website and organizes workshops and conferences. We have set up a national registration procedure, and are in the process of establishing HT courses at a number of educational institutions.

    Incorporated in 1987, the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association is a network of over 250 members across the country and abroad. Our members include professionals such as occupational therapists, physiotherapists, recreation therapists, social workers, nurses, psychologists, landscape architects and designers, horticulturists, and people who have a passion for gardening. They work in a variety of settings from nursing homes and hospitals to vocational training centres and prisons. The various populations that benefit from Horticultural Therapy include those with Alzheimer?s Disease, substance abuse, mental illness, brain injury, visual impairment, and children with disabilities.