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  • The Center for Neurologic Study Website is designed to present our current activities on the Internet. CNS is a non profit organization dedicated to research and treatment of neurological diseases. The Center was founded in 1979 with the intent of helping patients and families who have been affected by presently incurable neurologic disease. To accomplish this, the Center focused on experimental treatment and patient/family support and education. Along with others CNS was instrumental in the development of Interferon as a treatment modality. Over the years, the CNS has collaborated with Biotech companies in an effort to develop cutting edge therapies for neurologic disorders, including the use of ciliary neurotrophic and brain derived neurotrophic factors, superoxide dismutase, protropin, T cell peptide and so forth. The seminal discovery of DMQ at CNS has resulted in the award of 5 U.S. Patents. This drug combination is under development for the treatment of emotionality and chronic pain, in part, supported by a grant from the National Institute of Health.

    Our website is the latest in a long standing effort to provide patient/family education and support.


"Exercises For The Parkinson Patient"