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  • The Captioning Group began providing captioning services in 1991. As a result, we are one of the oldest and most experienced captioning houses in North America. Today, we have captioning studios in many regions throughout Canada and the United States. This allows our company to solidly provide services to large national networks, as well as local stations, with captioners that are familiar with the happenings of specific areas.

    We are currently able to provide over 500 hours of captioning services per week to broadcasters. As well, we maintain a very strong presence in the deaf and hard-of-hearing world, from pro bono work to meetings to surveys on quality and enhancements they would like to see in current captioning standards.

    All in all, The Captioning Group is proud of the service we provide to our clients, from getting a new station online to providing the highest quality of real-time captioning available today!