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  • The mission of the Special Recreation Services of Northern Lake County is to serve as an agent of its member park districts in fulfilling the commitment to serve the leisure needs of all their residents. SRSNLC specifically serves the residents who may have a handicap, regardless of severity or nature, and to facilitate those residents' inclusion into their home community leisure programs whenever feasible.

    SRSNLC conducts a large variety of recreation programs year round. Sports, arts and crafts, music, social activities, camps, trips and special events are available to SRSNLC residents. SRSNLC also provides leisure education classes to the special education classrooms in its community.


Special Recreation Services of Northern Lake County is an association of Waukegan Park District, Zion Park District, Lindenhurst Park District and the Round Lake Area Park District. As an extension of the Park Districts, SRSNLC conducts a variety of recreation programs throughout the year. During the spring a Very Special Arts Fair, weekly bowling, Special Olympic Track and Field, dance nights, social clubs, out to dinner, movie trips and more are available.

Special Recreation Services of Northern Lake County provides individuals with disabilities or special needs the opportunity to be involved in year round recreation programs. Programs are for individuals from 3 through adult who are in special education classes, sheltered workshops or whom have recreational needs not met by traditional park district programs. This could include individuals who have varying degrees of physical disabilities, cognitive impairment, learning disabilities, emotional difficulties, hearing or visual impairments and developmental delays.