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  • The Western Amputee Golf Association (WAGA), established in 1968, began with nearly 40 members and a single annual tournament. The organization has grown steadily and today boasts a membership in excess of 200, with numerous tournaments staged year round.

    In addition to its golf activities, WAGA has raised money for scholarships for amputees wanting to attend a college program. In addition, its members work to disseminate information about new developments in prosthetic devices that allow amputees to participate in sports, and enjoy life to its fullest.

    If you are a golfer and have lost a limb recently, don't despair! You don't have to give up golf for this inconvenience. Contact your local Association and begin to play again. If you have never played golf, but are interested in trying, contact the person for your area of the US, or contact the National Amputee Golf Association at 800-633-NAGA, for information on learning to play golf, or attending a First Swing golf clinic.

    The Western Amputee Golf Association (WAGA) was founded to help amputees and people with other physical disabilities build a sense of personal pride and confidence.