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  • The purposes and objectives of Sierra Regional Ski For Light are to introduce and promote participation in vigorous outdoor activities by blind and visually impaired persons in partnership with sighted persons. To this end we organize and conduct a regional cross-country ski program which is designed to promote physical fitness. We serve the region of the country which would typically use the ski areas of the Tahoe Basin and surrounding Sierra for recreation. Our ski area location of choice has been the Tahoe Truckee area, usually at Tahoe Donner Cross Country. Each blind/visually impaired person is paired with a volunteer instructor/guide who donates his/her skill and expertise in cross- country skiing. Guides have received training specifically for skiing with blind/visually impaired persons.

    If you enjoy cross-country skiing, or have a desire to learn, Sierra Regional Ski For Light (SRSFL) is the place for you. Those of you who have skied with us before know what a treat you have in store, and those new to us have the chance for an awesome experience. All skiers ski with a trained guide in parallel groomed tracks. All you need to participate is submit a completed application.

    Each applicant is expected to make his/her own informed decision about the advisability of participation, taking into account his/her individual overall health and the physical demands and risks of cross-country skiing and of the Sierra Regional Ski for Light program.

    Anyone in average physical condition can expect to complete the three-day event. Your enjoyment will also be enhanced by any measures you take to improve your physical fitness and stamina before the event.

    SRSFL is primarily a cross-country ski organization, and we encourage you to take on the challenge that often comes with learning the techniques of skiing. However, some find it preferable to snowshoe, and we do have a limited number of snowshoe guides. Please specify your preference on your application. If you decide to snowshoe at the last minute, we may not be able to find a guide for you, but we will do our best to accommodate you. Our goals are to encourage a life style that includes fitness, give people a safe and invigorating experience of the outdoors, and share our enthusiasm for cross country skiing.

    Guide dogs are welcome at SRSFL. If you should decide to bring your dog, note that dogs are not allowed at any time on the ski trails. There is a stable adjoining the ski lodge in which your dog may stay while you are skiing, however, you are responsible for the dog’s care. We will try to make arrangements to assist with the care of your dog, but we provide no assurance that such assistance can be arranged. Tahoe Donner has a small lodge and space for housing dogs is limited. Please know that SRSFL will do its best to accommodate you and your guide dog.