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VTREE Interactive Learning System


As a leader in the special needs software and assistive technology industry, VTree, Inc. has developed a solution to make a real difference in the lives of children and persons with disabilities, enabling them to participate in community life and to achieve a higher level of satisfaction with their lives. Our virtual reality software is a unique, interactive learning system which includes rehabilitative, educational, and practical life skill / employment based modules and software. The most important part of a VTree, Inc. solution, and their overall philosophy, is that the method is fun.

These special needs software programs can be manipulated to match the operator's level of competency. In other words, all children and adults can �play� regardless of their level of physical and/or cognitive competency. The system puts an exact image of the child or patient onto the computer screen. They see themselves on the computer screen and manipulate the virtual environments by simply using any part of themselves, including their wheelchairs where necessary. Hand-eye coordination, balance, and social skills are all positively affected while enjoying a fun virtual experience that simulates play.