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Date: Mar 18 - 21, 2009

SPINAL CORD INJURIES CE CONFERENCE March 17-21, 2009 �Orlando, Florida Attend this multidisciplinary conference addressing key rehabilitation practice issues for physicians, nurses, psychologists, physical and occupational therapists and case managers. Key topics include: Neuroplasticity, Wheelchair Propulsion, Advanced Transfers, Diaphragm Pacing: Functional Electrical Stimulation to Allow Patients to Breath, Neurogenic Pain Management, Novel Surgical Approaches Post SCI Injury; and and much more! Preconferences on Providing Comprehensive Sexual Health Care in Spinal Cord Rehabilitation�, �Evaluation and Classification of Spinal Cord Injury�, �Mobility Progression and ADL Skill Development for Persons with Tetraplegia� and � Managing the Early Phases of Spinal Cord Injury for Successful Rehabilitation Outcomes� will be offered. For more information contact Contemporary Forums at 800-877-7707 or visit us online at