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Date: Jun 16 - Jul 31, 2010


The Harry S. Black & Allon Fuller Fund was established in 1930 to support quality health care and human services programming for underserved populations. The grantmaking focus is in the following areas:

* Health Care. The Fund supports access to health care; health education; health/wellness promotion and disease prevention; and health policy analysis and advocacy. Emphasis will be placed on programs serving low-income communities.

* Physical Disabilities. The Fund supports access programs for individuals with physical disabilities; disability policy analysis and advocacy; workforce development programs; and programs that improve quality of life for people with disabilities.


The Harry S. Black & Allon Fuller Fund has a deadline of July 31.

Grant decisions will be made by December 31.

The Harry S. Black & Allon Fuller Fund generally does not provide funding for projects in the areas of health care specific to medical/academic research or to organizations or programs that primarily provide mental health services.

Applicant organizations must be geographically located within the city limits of New York City or Chicago.

Grant requests for general operating support or program/project support are strongly encouraged. In general, grant requests for endowment campaigns, capital projects, or research will not be considered.

The majority of grants from the Harry S. Black & Allon Fuller Fund are 1 year in duration.