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Date: Jul 31, 2010

The Carl R. Hendrickson Family Foundation was established in 1991 to support and promote quality educational, human services, and health care programming for underserved populations. Reflecting the Hendrickson family\\\'s strong Christian faith, special consideration is given to charitable organizations that help individuals meet their basic needs while also addressing their spiritual needs. Preference is given to organizations or programs that approach their mission from an entrepreneurial perspective.

Carl R. Hendrickson was a Chicago entrepreneur who, along with his father and brothers, built the Hendrickson Trucking Company. He established the Carl R. Hendrickson Family Foundation in 1991. Carl and his wife, Agnes, had 1 child, Virginia. Virginia followed in her father\\\'s footsteps by leading the family business and by serving as President of the Hendrickson Foundation. Virginia died in 1995, leaving no heirs. The Hendricksons prided themselves on their entrepreneurial spirit, having been in the forefront of the trucking business by inventing the tandem truck. They encouraged others to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit as well and to pursue philanthropic objectives.