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Date: Jul 01, 2010

Overview: The primary responsibility of the Trail Staff is to serve WI trip participants and insure the safety, quality and cost-effectiveness of WI experiences. Trail Staff are responsible for the lives and well being of WI participants throughout a WI adventure. The ability to plan, implement and follow through with responsibilities is essential. This job requires wilderness leadership aptitude, excellent people skills, the ability to oversee projects independently, and strong communication skills. Must be interested in leading trips for people of all abilities, including people with disabilities. Must be willing to keep flexible hours. Life as a WI Trail Staff can be fun, exciting, and incredibly rewarding, but it is also a tremendous amount of responsibility and it can involve a lot of hard and challenging work. Qualifications and experience are typically consistent with completion of at least 1 year of college.

Trip Staff Duties: Responsible for providing leadership on WI trips. The ability to organize, plan, and lead extended trips, single day events, and maintain gear. Skills necessary to lead successful wilderness trips for WI groups include: refer to the URL above.