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Date: Aug 01, 2010

Social Change

Crossroads Fund supports work that promotes social change. We define social change work as people in communities organizing together to change the conditions, institutions, and policies that create and maintain inequality and oppression.

Social change groups work to examine and challenge the underlying causes of the problems and conditions various communities face. Examples of this type of work include (but are not limited to):

  • a group working with the homeless, that focuses not only on providing shelter, clothing and food, but also advocates for legislation that would provide opportunities for adequate and affordable housing, job training, placement and retention, and transportation for people to be able to build decent lives;
  • a workers´┐Ż rights center providing information about labor laws and leadership training, with a goal of organizing workers to make their workplaces safe, fair and respectful;
  • an arts organization building media skills for youth to express themselves around issues such as police brutality, gentrification, prison, racism, homophobia and immigration.