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Date: Apr 01, 2009

While the interest is accelerating, very few organizations serving the disabled community are familiar with the benefits of indoor or on-water rowing and paddling programs. Once intrigued, they lack the expertise or the facilities to either test or support interest once it has been seeded. This 4-hour workshop introduces your staff to the basics of indoor rowing and how to best test and/or develop interest in your local communities. This is a cooperative effort with the goal of tailoring programs to meet specific needs and is offered at no cost to participating organizations. This is a pre-requisite workshop for any organization wishing to participate in any aspect of the CIRC/LPBC Pilot Program. This workshop is limited to 10 participants.

Staff Introduction to Adaptive Rowing/Paddling � 4-Hour Workshop:
This introduces participants to the indoor rower (erg). This step is essential not only to understand the stroke steps, but also allows the instructional staff an opportunity to assess particular needs and introduce solutions that lead to success whether the interest is strictly recreational or competitive. The workshop also introduces the participants to the LPBC facility and adaptive boats although this session does not involve on-water activities.

Workshop Overview:

  • The equipment: the �erg� and adaptive seats
  • The stroke
  • Group activity options
  • Erg chatter for the visually challenged
  • Special need adaptations
  • Indoor to On-water progression
  • Adaptive shells/kayaks
  • Program budgeting
  • Group discussion/assessment