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Date: Mar 12 - 15, 2013

ACSM�s Health and Fitness Summit and Exposition bridges the gap between the science of sports medicine and practice for the fitness professional, broadly defined. Through educational sessions and workouts alike, attendees are presented with cutting-edge information on hot topics in the industry. Faculty members highlight ways to help attendees apply what they learn to everyday situations, and encourage interaction. ACSM�s Health and Fitness Summit Meeting is geared towards presenting applicable cutting edge research to Health and Fitness professionals. A wide range of disciplines are covered from nutrition, personal training and exercise program design, to sports medicine and professional development. By attending this meeting you�ll have the chance to not only listen to leaders in the Health and Fitness field talk about new advances and controversies, but you�ll also get to participate in hands-on workouts. If you�re interested in promoting health and fitness to people of all ages and capabilities, this meeting will expose you to a wide range of information and future job possibilities!