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Lives in Kerrville TX
Sex Female
About My name is Erin Franco’s. I’m the mom of four boys ages 1, 3, 5 10. We’re currently homeschooling. I spend most of the time caring for the boys, homeschool, cooking, cleaning and doing laundry. I squeeze in some PT 5 times a week along with hand cycling or indoor cycling (7-15 minutes) with my hands assisting my legs. I experience both heat and cold intolerance, optic neuritis, some occasional loss of feeling in my hands, fee and legs along with limited function in these areas as well. I use AFO’s due to foot drop from weak dorsiflexion and spacicity in calves. I also have external rotation of my hips. Anytime I walk or stand, I use a rollator. If I’ve used all my spoons or leave home, I use a wheelchair. Prior to November, I used only a cane. My goals are driving ( drove until November 2021), getting in and out of vehicles, walking with just the use of a cane or unaided, picking up my kids, keeping up with kids, navigating stairs.
Interests Outdoor activities
Indoor activities

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Welcome to NCPAD's 14-Week Program to a Healthier You!

What is the program?

  • Description: A free, personalized, web-based physical activity and nutrition program
  • Target Audience: People with mobility limitations, chronic health conditions and physical disabilities
  • Goal: To help you get moving and making healthy nutrition choices
  • Duration: 14 weeks

How does it work?

  • You register for the program and tell us a little about yourself.
  • We take the information you gave us and, to the best of our abilities, provide you with personalized resources and exercises that meet your individual needs over the course of 14 weeks.
  • Because there is new material each week that builds on the previous weeks, the program works best if you visit at least once a week.

What do I get throughout the program?

  • New, personalized weekly exercises
  • Physical activity and nutrition tips
  • Motivational resources
  • Weekly recipes
  • Features to help you track your activity and what you eat
  • Optional reminders and alerts
  • Opportunities to connect with other participants
  • Access to 14-Week coaches