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  • Since IBSA was founded in Paris in 1981, we have been in a constant process of evolution to adapt to the ever-changing world of sports for the blind.

    IBSA is registered as a non-profit making, public interest body in Spain, and we are full members of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), where we are the legitimate representatives of sport for the blind.

    Our status allows us to provide our movement with a unique identity in order to further develop and promote sports for the blind and visually impaired. We are also committed to providing assistance to our national member organisations in all five continents, especially those organisations in developing countries which have to date been unable to spread the word about blind sports sufficiently within their countries and do not have an established school sports programme for the blind, local and national competition programme, etc.

    We in IBSA believe sport is the ideal means to promote the integration of disabled people in general and the blind in particular. Sport can help them overcome their disability by strengthening their self-esteem and their ability to overcome difficulties and as an aid to normalisation in their living environment. In short, sport helps to bring about the complete fulfilment of blind and visually impaired athletes.

    To achieve our goals, we encourage all blind and visually impaired people to get involved in different sports and physical activities. You too can become a blind athlete and take part in competitions ranging from school sports to elite level championships for the blind and the Paralympic Games.